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Here are a few pictures taken at schools in the past few years.  (We do not reveal which schools, the names of the kids, etc.)  Click to Enlarge.

One of the great advantages of  the presentations being held outside (rather than in a classroom) is we can more easily separate the 18th or 19th Century from the 21st.  Since in most cases we have all of the history classes combined during their regular class time (all of the 1st period students or all of the 4th period) we can get plenty of volunteers to wear uniform coats as Infantry soldiers, spies or in some cases, the poor soldier who has been shot and needs an amputation.  

   The great enemy to the presentations is time.  Many schools have classes only 45-50 minutes in length, while others have a 90-120 minute class (as they work on an odd/even or A/B scheduling system).  As with anything, the more time we have with students, the more we can do.   

Our critical objective is to make the presentations interactive.  Putting on a soldier’s coat lets the student know how heavy and warm a wool uniform jacket would be.  Carrying the load of the soldier’s belongings, musket and such for a minutes helps them understand how hard it would be to carry it for day after day, trudging miles by foot.

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